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SOLD: Bungalow-villa in Predeal Transylvania | Price: 55 000 Euro
SOLD: Bungalow-villa in Predeal Transylvania | Price: 55 000 Euro
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Product Code: Predeal
Availability: In Stock

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PRICE: 55 000 Euro

The property is situated on the main road, 3 km from the centre of Predeal, a popular mountain and ski resort in the Carpathian Mountains (1100m altitude).Predeal is 146 km from the capital city of Bucharest (2 hours drive or train journey).
The house is in need of updating. It has 2 bedrooms, a verandah and a substantial garden, backing onto the forest.
  • This house can be used as family home or as a bungalow-vila.
  • Pleasant atmosphere, forest in near.
  • The house is on the main road.
  • Opportunity of commercial use
Predeal, Soseaua Nationala no. 60, Malul Ursului, Brasov county, Romania
The house is on the main road connecting Bucharest and Brasov
House and garden area:
538m sq
wood burning stoves
146 km
24 km
Shops and town centre:
3 km
Petrol station:
Ownership documents:
YES / CLEAR (checked)
Potential buyers are welcome to view the property on a pre-arranged basis. 
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We use cookies to make your experience of our website better. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies.
Email: office@transylvanianproperties.com
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