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We are looking for investors for: • building private houses or apartment buildings in Transylvania (Romania) for further sale or rent • purchasing of real estate for further splitting into studios or offices for rent or sale. The construction of houses for sale is always a profitable investment. The area we operate has a high demand for detached houses, as well as for duplexes and small apartment buildings. Our experience in construction is over 15 years. We provide a working business plan that minimises costs and taxes. We have a strategy for the construction and sale of real estate, as well as a ready-made team – builders, foremen, suppliers of materials, sales and advertising managers, lawyers, accountants, contacts in licensing authorities, etc.
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Citizens of a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area, who are stateless with domicile in one of the member states or in Romania, as well as legal persons established according to the legislation of one of the member states can acquire property right over lands in the same conditions foreseen by law for the Romanian citizens and for legal Romanian persons. 

Citizens of a member state non-residents in Romania, stateless non-residents in Romania with domicile in one of the member states as well as non-resident legal persons, established according to the legislation of one of the member states, can acquire...

Cetatenii unui stat membru al Uniunii Europene sau al Spatiului Economic European, apatrizii cu domiciliul intr-un stat membru sau in Romania, precum si persoanele juridice constituite in conformitate cu legislatia unui stat membru pot dobandi dreptul de proprietate asupra terenurilor in aceleasi conditii cu cele prevazute de lege pentru cetatenii romani si pentru persoanele juridice romane.

Cetatenii unui stat membru nerezidenti in Romania, apatrizii nerezidenti in Romania cu domiciliul intr-un stat membru, precum si persoanele juridice nerezidente, constituite in conformitate cu legislatia unui stat membru, pot dobandi dreptul de...

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His Royal Highness has bought three properties in Transylvania and is keen to preserve the regions environment. After all, in rural Romania, organic farming is a way of life. Would you like to join him? 

Theres a corner of a foreign field a far-off land with a legendary name where the heir to the British throne has chosen to buy not one, not two, but three properties over the last couple of years. Its a place completely at odds with his Aunt Margarets famous house on Mustique, in the sun (and gin-) soaked Caribbean.

There's sun here, for sure, but instead of gin you'll find a potent local brandy made from plums and distilled in...

Transylvania, in central Romania, had been on my list of places to visit for a while, so when I read Along the Enchanted Way, William Blacker’s lyrical account of his time living there, I knew I had to go before it changed forever.

The opportunity to visit a place where the flower-rich meadows had never been ploughed, where the horse and cart was still the normal mode of transport, and hay was cut and stacked by hand was irresistible. In Britain we have television programmes recreating these things, but in Transylvania it’s still an everyday reality.

Experience has taught me that expert help and local knowledge are invaluable on...

Sarah Shuckburgh travels through space and time to Maramures and an ancient Romanian way of life.

I wake to the sound of crowing, clanking and lowing. As chickens peck in the dust just beneath my window, a dozen cows are shuffling through the village, their bells a discordant jangle. At each house, another cow joins the throng. Like a dog-walker or childminder, one villager is taking his neighbours' cows off for a day's grazing.

This is the village of Hoteni in Maramures, one of the remotest corners of the European Union, where villagers have preserved a way of life which most of the continent cast off centuries ago. Too far from...

Victoria Hillman is a National Geographic Explorer and Research Director for the Transylvanian Wildlife Project overseeing research on carnivores and biodiversity of Europe’s last great wilderness. Follow the expedition here on Explorers Journal through updates from the team.


I first visited Transylvania in the Eastern Carpathians in 2011 as a wildlife biologist and photographer for the Transylvanian Wildlife Project and was welcomed by a passionate, friendly and enthusiastic team wanting to preserve this part of Europe’s last great wilderness. I have returned now as research director for the project to oversee our work...

The Complete Guide To: Transylvania

There's much more to Dracula's homeland than creepy castles and blood-soaked myths. Lucy Mallows uncovers a region so charming that even Prince Charles has a house there

Transylvania: a real place?

Some people assume Transylvania is an invention of Bram Stoker, ripened by bloodthirsty Hollywood directors. However the "land beyond the forest" – as the Latin name translates – is genuine enough. This region, three times the size of Wales, is located right in the heart of one of the EU's newest members. While the Romans called it Trans-Sylvania, the name is Ardeal in Romanian, Erdely in...

Our Royal Family's roots can be traced back to Vlad the Impaler, the real-life ruler who inspired Transylvania's Count Dracula vampire legend. Or so it is claimed. Certainly, Prince Charles has a great affection for this region of Romania. He first visited in 1998 and now has a portfolio of properties.
Restoration work will soon finish on his latest acquisition, a 150-year-old estate in Zalanpatak village that has 37 acres and a five-bedroom house. The Prince will let it out as a guesthouse when he's not there, as he does with another Transylvanian property he owns.

So just what is the appeal of this central Romanian region, best...

A Transylvanian count and acquaintance of the Prince of Wales has said described attacks made on Romania during the horsemeat scandal as hypocritical and underscored by an anti-Romanian bias fuelled by immigration fears.

Count Tibor Kalnoky, Baron of Korospatek, who manages two rural properties owned by the Prince in Romania, vented frustration at the rapidity Western Europe pointing the finger of blame at Romania after it emerged that its abattoirs had supplied French companies some of the horsemeat that later masqueraded as beef.
"Isn't it just typical that when you have a scandal that involves the name of Romania everybody is going...

The Prince of Wales has bought and renovated properties in rural Romania to help protect the unique way of life that has existed for hundreds of years through the promotion of sustainable tourism.

His Royal Highness has a long-standing interest in Romania and has visited the country regularly since his first visit in 1998.

The Prince has said that he was particularly moved by the plight of the remarkable fortified Saxon villages in Transylvania which were built centuries ago by German settlers, who were encouraged to go there to help withstand Tartar and Turkish invasions.

Sadly, due to mass migration, many of these villages have...